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Our Mission: Dedicated to consistently enhancing our service for customers worldwide, we strive for unwavering customer satisfaction through persistent efforts and passion within the used automobile industry.

Our Vision: As developing countries grow and awareness of resource conservation increases, the demand for used automobiles continues to rise. Our global services are poised to support and elevate your business in alignment with these global trends.

Who We Are: Shantix Japan stands as a foremost player in the automobile trading sector, headquartered in Japan. Every vehicle in our extensive inventory undergoes meticulous appraisal and inspection in Japan, South Korea, the United States, the UK, or Germany by our discerning and seasoned buyers, ensuring that any automobile from our selection is your optimal choice. Following a purchase, our streamlined procedures ensure the quickest possible delivery to our customers. With foreign offices operating in 15 countries, we take pride in offering our esteemed services on a global scale.

Since our inception, we have consistently grown through innovative ideas, advanced technologies, and robust systems. Our customers can effortlessly choose cars using our robust search engine within our inventory.

With sales offices spanning the globe and customer service centers operational 24/7/365, we are committed to guiding you through your purchasing process whenever you need assistance. We’re always within reach, beyond your screen, ready to help!

Shantix Japan also extends the opportunity for registered customers to participate in automobile auctions, providing a platform where you may discover your ideal vehicle. Our experienced buyers can bid on your behalf, backed by thorough inspections for each automobile, ensuring top-notch quality and condition. Your satisfaction with your chosen automobile is guaranteed.

Our commitment to delivering superior services remains unwavering, as we persistently strive for heightened customer satisfaction!

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Shantix Japan



President & CEO:

Riu Ismail



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+81 70-8393-1325

Business description:

Export and Sale of Automobiles, and similar

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